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The Hammer Down website is dedicated to all

"Old School Truck Drivers" from the

1960's, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's.

These drivers spent most of their young years driving trucks

that had no Power Steering, no Air-Ride Suspension, and due to

the length and weight laws back in those days, most

of the trucks these drivers drove were Cabover trucks. Very few drivers were fortunate enough back in those days to drive

for a company that had conventional or "long-nosed" trucks

pulling their trailers.

Until the late 1970's air conditioning was an expensive add-on option that few companies spent money on for the comfort

of their drivers.  Under pressure from many trucking unions and driver reps, the U.S. Department of Transportation passed regulations that made air conditioning mandatory on all trucks with sleeper births, which eventually led to air conditioning being included on ALL over-the-road trucks.

This website is dedicated to those drivers who knew how to drive trucks WITHOUT the help of on-board computers to regulate and monitor everything happening inside, outside, and under the

hood of the truck.


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